Gold Note

Music is the highest expression of human nature, the most universal – our ultimate desire is to deliver to you the full experience of music, the emotion of listening.
Gold Note aims to deliver the emotion of music through innovative technology, beautiful material and Italian design. We strive to find the perfect musicality with every product we make, with impeccable imaging and dynamics. The result is a full-bodied sound where every instrument and voice is defined and precisely placed in space.

Gold Note stems from Maurizio’s audiophilia. His passion for Hi-Fi has always been deeply rooted in a love for music, pushing him on a journey to create the audio system that would best capture the nature of music. That’s where the idea behind Gold Note comes from.
Maurizio’s vision is greatly influenced by the Florentine Renaissance “a time of great technological innovation and ideas, revolutionary but tied to traditions. Our mission is to renew that innovative spirit of six centuries ago to find our way into the future.”

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