Raidho Acoustics

When you listen to a pair of Raidho speaker you experience music with no coloration of the sound. Music will be very easy to listen to because it just sounds so natural and right. Choose any type of music you like, and the loudspeaker evolves into the perfect one for just this type of music. Raidho, lets you step into the music and provide you with the most unique holographic sound experience. You will sense the music in the room, coming to you from all directions. It will appear right out of the blue, with no hint of where the loudspeakers are positioned. You can hear every little ounce of detail in the recording, but never experience any listening fatigue. Music will appear with all the drama, energy, and drive to let you flow with the music.

The Raidho loudspeaker is a master of seduction. It will trick you into forget time and space and transport you to an authentic and musical event. A mesmerizing experience.

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