DD Audio CX5.2 - (NLA-2019)

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CX5.2 - Designed & Engineered in the USA


The DD Audio CXS coax speakers are designed to fit the tight confines of complex door panels.  It is no longer necessary to sacrifice sound quality in a shallow cavity OEM application.  The CXS coax speakers use the same woofer and tweeter from our CS component sets that are permanently mounted for use in applications where concentric mounting is prefered.

Our focus on sound quality starts with precision motor assemblies.  The machined magnet gaps driven with high energy strontium magnets provide strong output from a compact design. We incorporate distortion reducing shorting rings for flux modulation and inductance control.

The mid woofer cones are rigid pulp with acoustic treatment applied to the front,  reducing cone break up while providing water/humidity resistance.  The compressed rubber surrounds are optimized for light weight to increase sensitivity.

The tweeter side of the CXS is our T2. The T2 is a 25mm tweeter that uses a high energy neo magnet system to deliver high sensitivity in size constrained applications. The diaphragm material is an ultra-thin, semi-transparent composite cloth formed into a hyperbolic dome to increase geometric strength while reducing mass. The phase plug equalizes the frequency response while improving off axis output. They come equipped with metalized polypropylene capacitors in-line with the tweeter for added protection when the volume is high.



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