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AW5.25 - Designed & Engineered in the USA


The AW5.25 mid-woofers represent “state of the art” in driver technology. The machined motor structures with the distortion reducing effects of Faraday Rings are held to the tightest tolerances and provide a well damped magnetic field for the voice coil. The suspension was optimized for sharp mid-bass and controlled sub-bass. The coil wire is the highest temperature available and held with the finest adhesives. The coil former is ventilated and the wire gauge/former thickness optimized to reduce moving mass. The adhesives from the coil to cone are bonded with specialized, hardened material to pass all energy from the coil to the cone. The cone is made from lightweight aluminum to achieve wide bandwidth and efficient energy transfer to the air.

DDA components include all the dizzying array of technology one finds in the upper echelon of the world’s finest drivers along with precision German assembly and attention to detail.  The result is crisp, clear and detailed sound with a forceful bottom end.

Any DD Audio Product bearing the Marine Grade logo incorporates water resistant features enabling it to be used in applications where moderate exposure to moisture will not result in damage to the product.

Marine Grade products are not waterproof, and submersion or excessive moisture exposure may result in product failure. DD Audio Marine Grade products are not certified for saltwater environments.



  • Driver Size 5.25 in
  • Watts RMS 75-150
  • VCD 1.5
  • Impedance S4
  • Frequency Response – Hz 50-18k
  • Fs – Hz 63.99 Hz
  • Qms 4.01
  • Qes 0.43
  • Qts 0.39
  • dBSPL 90.5
  • Mounting Diameter – in 4 15/32
  • Mounting Depth – in 2 3/8
  • Shipping Weight – lbs 7


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