DD Audio BC6.5 - (NLA-2019)

BC6.5 - Designed & Engineered in the USA


Based on DD’s flagship A-Series components, the BC6.5 components offer incredible audio quality. The features found on the BC6.5s are the same as you would find on other, much higher priced, high-end sound quality component sets.


Mid Woofer

Through advanced metallurgy techniques the BC6.5s anodized aluminum cone mid driver has been optimized with the perfect balance of weight, rigidity, and damping resulting in a driver that is able to efficiently produce a wide bandwidth of silky smooth mid range. We used a cast aluminum basket for extra rigidity, heat dissipation, and minimal parasitic magnetic absorption. For durability and installation convenience, we outfitted it with heavy duty chrome push terminals. Topping off the veritable cornucopia of performance features is the use of a shorting ring. You can’t see this feature, but what it does for the driver is almost magical. It minimizes back emf and inductance resulting in lower harmonic distortion, better high end extension, better power delivery to the voice coil, and it even helps with heat dissipation.



The composite design of the 30mm silk surround aluminum dome tweeter exhibits excellent transparency and resolution, and handles the high end spectrum frequencies with sonic excellence. The tweeter has a vented back for better coil cooling, better frequency response, and lower distortion. The tweeter also features a shorting ring just like the mid driver. The tweeter is able to be surface mounted with the included bezels, or it can be mounted raw for those tight factory locations.



The included CC1 2nd order bi-ampable passive crossover (also sold separately) is both eye pleasing with it’s dual finish metal chassis and hidden speaker terminals, and highly functional. It features +/- 3db tweeter attenuation, tweeter phase shift, selectable conventional or bi-amp input mode, air core coils, and metalized film caps.



  • Impedance S4
  • Frequency Response – Hz 40-25k
  • dBSPL 91.5
  • Mounting Depth – in Woofer 2.88 / Tweeter 0.5
  • Shipping Weight – lbs 12


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