DD Audio EX5X7 - (NLA-2023)

EX5X7 - Designed & Engineered in the USA


The E Class 5×7″ Coaxial Speaker is perfect for the listener who wants to instantly take their system from factory to fantabulous. This 2-way set is designed for efficiency with features that deliver outstanding sound and value.

Any DD Audio Product bearing the Marine Grade logo incorporates water resistant features enabling it to be used in applications where moderate exposure to moisture will not result in damage to the product.

Marine Grade products are not waterproof, and submersion or excessive moisture exposure may result in product failure. DD Audio Marine Grade products are not certified for saltwater environments.



The EX5x7’s woofer features an injection molded poly cone, rubber surround, and rigid steel frame. For reduced inductance, extended high-frequency roll off, and increased efficiency the voice coils features a double slit former and the motor utilizes a copper pole cap. The soft parts are driven with a high flux 11 Oz ferrite magnet motor.



The 20 mm high-grade neodymium driven mylar dome tweeter is able to easily and cleanly reproduce the upper-frequency range needed to bring out the subtle details in your music.



  • Driver Size 5" x 7"
  • Watts RMS 50
  • Peak Power 100
  • Impedance S4
  • Frequency Response – Hz 55-20k
  • dBSPL 88
  • Mounting Diameter - in 4 31/32 x 7 3/16
  • Mounting Depth – in 2.25

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