Oehlbach OB-6061

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USB DAC headphone amplifier


Cable and accessory specialist Oehlbach presents a compact USB-DAC headphone amplifier with high-end audio performance. The USB Bridge is connected to a free USB port on a PC or Mac and can then be put into operation immediately without special software according to the "Plug&Play" principle. The digital audio signal is then passed directly to the USB DAC and the internal, acoustically weak hardware of the PC is simply bypassed. Thanks to excellent D/A converters from AKM and the exclusive and low-noise headphone amplifier from Texas Instruments, the "USB Bridge" delivers hi-fi sound in a pocket-sized format. The portable module in the form of a USB stick is enclosed in a high-quality aluminium housing, equipped with an LED indicator and offers a 24 carat gold-plated jack output. All kinds of music files can be played back, natively the device supports input signals up to 96 kHz/24-bit.One of the most important steps in high-quality music reproduction is the digital-to-analogue conversion of electrical signals. At Oehlbach we therefore rely exclusively on strictly selected components with above-average technical properties. The AK4396 D/A converter is suitable for high-resolution sampling rates of up to 192 kHz/24-bit and, despite the enormous frequency spectrum, provides only a minimum of non-linear distortion. The extremely high tolerance to digital jitter is another feature of Asahi Kasei's stereo D/A converter. In addition to PCM, 1-bit DSD data signals, which are necessary for perfect playback of DVD-Audio and SACD media, are also processed.



  • Colour Black_Lunar-Grey
  • Sampling rate >96 kHz
  • Bit depth 24Bit
  • Weight (gross) 138 g
  • Impedance 10 Ohm Ohm
  • geeignet für Kopfhörer mit 12 Ohm - 10k Ohm Ohm
  • Features 24kt gold plated contacts
  • Item no. D1C6061

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