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AD-T18CG - Made in Italy (Special Order Only)


Designed in various versions, in order to satisfy the need for soundproofing rooms from the ceiling, while maintaining a remarkable aesthetic cleanliness.

Minimalist in appearance but generous in sound, the T13 in models 13, 13S and L,

is made of satin and mirror polished aluminium, or in lacquered finishes.

It is also available in the flush-to-wall version in the T18CG model for plasterboard or T18M for masonry.


A team of people guided by a passion for design and music, materials, shapes, acoustic qualities, and technology, this is the profile of Laboratorio Audio, an Italian company.

We were born in the Vicenza area and have been operating in the high-level audio sector for almost twenty years. Laboratorio Audio, a unique company of its kind, realizes its products, designed by Claudio Niorettini,completely within its own structure, creating unique objects able to ride time.

Selected materials, craftsmanship, obsessive attention to detail, high technology,

contribute in a decisive way to the birth of these objects of pure avant-garde design, passing through an acoustic revolution arriving at an absolutely innovative realization.


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