Proson ARSC2X25M

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Arctic Series Terminated Stereo Speaker Cable 2 x 2.5M (pair) - Designed & Engineered in Sweden


Really High-Quality Swedish “PROSON” Cable at an Affordable Price!

Arctic Series Stereo Speaker Cable (2 x 2.5M)

Proson Arctic centre speaker cables features neat and twisted exterior terminations that takes home theatre wiring to the next level! The protective outer casing made of PVC protects against interference.

Real-quality cable from Swedish Proson!


  • BFA contact pins provide high contact pressure and large contact area for optimal signal capability
  • PE insulation with low absorption around the conductor
  • Conductors and screens are made of oxygen-free copper for the best possible sound quality and performance
  • Copper conductors are protected by sheaths of PE/ FPE material
  • Extra protective outer casing made of PVC for quality and strength
  • Knitted nylon cover in arctic color with a fantastic quality feel


  • Size: 2 x 2.5M
  • Diameter: 11mm²
  • Length: 2.5M



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