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Hi-Res Headphones with Planar Driver Technology


The new AR-H1, which was previewed at audio enthusiast events including High End 2017 in Munich, Germany, and Potafes in Tokyo, Japan, represents a new standard in headphone performance for the price-point by incorporating planar technology -- which is acclaimed for achieving detailed output with drastically reduced distortion compared to other technologies -- with an open-back circumaural, or over-ear design for exceptional comfort and sound quality.



Featuring an industrial design that is both appealing and comfortable, the AR-H1 gives music lovers an unbeatable listening experience, thanks to the 86mm planar driver with a neodymium magnet array that is considered among the best in its class. Frequency response is measured at 10-70kHz, with sensitivity rated at 100dB/V, and impedance at 33 ohms. A true hi-resolution headphone should be as comfortable as it is sonically pleasing, which is why the AR-H1 features as a genuine leather headband and low resilience ear cushion that add up to hours of listening with no fatigue. The AR-H1 comes complete with essential accessories, including a 1.2m audio cable (3.5mm 3-pole to dual 2.5mm 2-pole), a 6.3mm plug adapter, and a soft pouch for easy storage and portability.



• 86mm planar driver with NdFeB magnet array

• Frequency response: 10Hz to 70,000Hz

• Total Harmonic Distortion: <1%

• Sensitivity: 100dB@1Vrms

• Impedance: 33 ohms

• Inter-changeable cable interface: Dual 2.5mm

• Weight: 14 oz

• High-end Dynamic Headphones with Innovative technology, achieving high efficiency ultra-linear responses at high output and low impedence output

• Lightweight open back circumaural design for comfortable listening

• Genuine leather headband

• Low resilience ear cushion

• Interchangeable headphone cable

• Connectivity options: 3.5mm audio cable or 6.3mm stereo adapter

• Minimize energy loss due to weight

• Minimize activation energy

• Greater transient response

• Consistent frequency response regardless of output impedance of source device

• Minimize energy loss due to self inductance

• Flat impedance from low to high frequency (Impedance of dynamic driver actually grows when frequency gets higher)

• Extremely linear response to lowest level of musical detail


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