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TOMEI - Hand Made in Canada (Special Order Only)


TOMEI is a self-powered, digitally optimized, virtually plug-n-play loudspeaker system. Plug-in your computer or wi-fi module and grab your smartphone to start. It's that simple!

Every TOMEI system comes with sophisticated digital crossovers, a DAC for each frequency band, and individual amplifiers to power each driver. In such a system, each part is perfectly matched to the next, unlike standard audio systems built from disparate components. You can HEAR and FEEL it when listening to an Open Air TOMEI loudspeaker system.

The Open Air structure applied to the high and mid frequency drivers, with the aid of an open baffle bass module, creates an almost boundless, walk-around soundstage.

These results are made possible by the seamless integration of drivers using a high definition digital signal processor (DSP).

The tweeter and mid-range drivers are phase and time aligned with an ultra accurate digital signal processor. This ensures precise positioning of the performers and creates an amazing sense of ambiance, sound stage depth and 3D imaging.

Open baffle loudspeakers project the sound forward and rearward. This dual pole (dipole) projection has an uncanny ability to bring performers right there in the room with us. With Open Air, this effect is even more spectacular: you not only listen to a LIVE performance, you attend it!

The sturdy monitor chassis is made of CNC cut acrylic parts of different dimensions. These nine “ribs” ensure optimum damping and diffusion of the surround sound. Monitors are supported by genuine wood stands, sitting on 2-inch thick sculpted blocks of acrylic with specially developed, damped aluminum spikes.

The sleek open baffle bass unit is acoustically paired to the satellite speakers to reproduce a full 3-D sound reconstruction, where time delays and spatiality are faithfully reproduced in the listening room. Together they develop beautifully transparent and articulate low-frequency deep tones without distracting room resonances.

Seamless integration between the very fast, ultra-precise and transparent monitors and the open baffle bass module is done by the DSP. As unconventional as it may seem, we created a three module loudspeaker system that surpasses conventional two cabinet speakers in coherency.

The use of a single bass module with a very small baffle greatly reduces the physical space needed in the listening room. The TÔMEI is the only open baffle loudspeaker system to play full range with such a modest size.

Driving the bass module we use a 280 watts RMS / 1000 watts peak second generation Class-D amplifier. With 1000 watts available at all times, bass plays with power and authority either enjoying a live concert or during an exciting cinema night!

The ACU-02 unit contains the digital crossovers, the amplifiers, the USB Audio Class 2 circuit and the D to A and A to D converters. The result is TÔMEI, a spatially coherent, transparent-to-source system, with "you are there" holographic presentation.

To reach that level of performance, we use a sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to optimize the entire speaker’s amplitude, impulse, and phase response. No analog XO could manage this.

Five 32-bit/ 768kHz SOA AKM4495 DACs are used. Digital signals benefit from very low phase jitter clocks. Users can adjust the DACs output level independently and five types of filters.

The analog inputs are processed by the AKM AK5397 A/D converter. Input sensitivity levels (4) are user adjustable. It lets you match the analog inputs to the sensitvity of the analog source item. Three different filter settings are also available.

Our control unit uses an XMOS USB Audio Class 2 input. It can process 32 bits, with up to 384 Khz HD audio signals.

TOMEI uses the latest generation Class-D amplifiers where digital glare, harsh sound and low level signal corruption are things of the past. They can compete with the best class A, AB or valve challengers on the market.



  • Open Air loudspeaker system
  • Acrylic and genuine wood architecture
  • System frequency response: 27 - 30000 Hz @ -2 dB
  • Digital Signal Processor: 1.5GFlops, 40-bit/768 Khz
  • Power Amplifiers : 5 channels / 1000 watts peak per channel.



  • Two-way Open Air active loudspeaker with nine acrylic diffusion ribs on a genuine American walnut stand.
  • 125 mm mid driver membrane diameter
  • 29 mm ring dome tweeter
  • Amplifiers: 4 x 1000 watts peak new generation Class D amplifiers
  • Dimensions: width 20 cm, depth 25 cm, height 105 cm
  • Colors: available in crystal ice, vanilla ice or onyx black versions
  • Open Baffle active bass unit
  • Genuine American walnut panel
  • 350 mm bass driver membrane diameter
  • 75 mm voice coil
  • Linear coil travel: 22 mm
  • Fs: 19 Hz
  • Amplifier: 1 x 1000 watts peak Class D amplifier
  • Dimensions: width 40 cm, depth 25 cm, height 50 cm
  • Colors: available in crystal ice, onyx black, vanilla ice or smoked grey acrylic
  • Stainless steel and acrylic casing
  • 3 x 1000 watts peak stereo Class D amplifiers
  • 1.5GFlops 40-bit/768 Khz 4th generation floating point DSP
  • User settings: Source select, volume level, muting, bass and tweeter shelf adjust (level), analog input sensitivity, DAC output level, DAC and A to D filters.
  • User access: Remote control for all functions or using the front panel knob
  • XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced analog inputs
  • 1 x digital S/PDIF input (32 bits / 192 Khz)
  • 1 x USB Audio Class 2 input (32 bits / 384 Khz)
  • Loudspeaker cables included
  • 3 x Neutrik speakon loudspeaker outputs
  • Dimensions: width 45 cm, depth 37.5 cm, height 12.5 cm
  • Colors: available in crystal ice, onyx black, snow white or smoked grey acrylic

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